About Us

Jerry Hartman is a professor at Walla Walla University and teaches film, television, and culture classes. He graduated from National University with an MFA in Digital Cinema (2008). Machelle Hartman is a senior chemistry instructor at Whitman College of Walla Walla, WA. She graduated with an MA in Environment & Community (2006) from Antioch University Seattle. The Hartmans are co-directors of Eclectic Reel , a non-profit organization, and co-produce documentaries related to human rights and social justice.

Jerry and Machelle Hartman are working on a series of documentaries that promote awareness of human rights, land rights and health issues in Suriname’s interior. They work closely with communities in a community directed filmmaking process that empowers tribes to tell their stories to the world. There are no scripts; community members interview each other to share their experiences on camera. In addition, community members are given digital cameras so that they can collect supplemental footage that best represents their lives. All final cuts are reviewed and approved by communities and/or their leaders to ensure that the documentaries accurately represent the participants. The communities receive all the raw footage and rights to footage and final cuts. Any income generated by the films is returned to the tribes and their local Indigenous organization.

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