Community Directed Filmmaking

    • We only filmed in communities where we were invited.
    • Cameras were only brought out and turned on once we were given verbal invitation/ permission to begin filming.
    • Community members directed all interviews. We did not ask the questions or prompt the participants what to say. All content was directed by members of the communities.

    • We distributed small cameras (disposable video and small HD cameras) with simple operation instructions so that participants could collect their own footage without us being present.
    • Participants spoke in the languages that they were most comfortable.
    • We assured participants that they could say anything they wanted on camera. There was no script to follow.
    • We assured communities that they would own all the footage (raw and edited) and final products. If any profit was made from the films, we would return 100% of the revenue (not just the profit) to the communities.

  • In addition to the community-directed content (interviews/footage), the music for the films was produced by community musicians.
  • All final products have been approved by communities and/or their leaders before they have been released.
  • The communities were the parties that determined where and when the final films would be screened.

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